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 Regarding Last Night's Event 5/13/2010

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Cool Eggy
Can't touch this

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PostSubject: Regarding Last Night's Event 5/13/2010   Fri May 14, 2010 5:28 pm

Roles, it's a concept we are all very familiar with, whether it be the role of a son/daughter, a student, a boy/girlfriend, we are constantly playing different roles regardless of our likings. But in the fictional world of RuneScape, we are able to explore our wildest fantasies, we are able to be who we want to be, we are allowed to do whatever it is that we desire, and we have the freedom to choose between options what we might not necessarily be able to choose from in the constraint of reality. "Choices" make this game fun, "choices" also make us to be experts of a particular skill, and it is also the "choices" that we make, that bring us together, as a CLAN.

Now, regardless of each of our own circumstances, we were lucky enough to be brought together as a clan, or more specifically, into a very special clan, that we would like to call Blacklist Manifesto. In BM, there are many boulders that hold us together, whether it our leader, co-leader, event coordinator, head-ambassador, and most importantly, clan members, every single one of us are irreplaceable components that the clan won't ever be the same without. Out of all these positions and roles, the co-leader has it the toughest. He/she is stuck in between the decision of the leader, as well as the voices of the members. In our case, it's a he, and to put a name behind this role that plays as a boulder that holds OUR clan together, is Jesse. For over a period of time now, Jesse has been standing up for each and every single one of us, he does within the best of his ability to protect US, as well as the quality of the clan. But due to this awkward role, he is often stuck between the complaints of the members, and the revisions of decision of the leader. Now I ask you to step into Jesse's shoes, what would you have done in his position? What would you have done when a raging member completely disregard clan rules? What would you do if someone brings on personal attacks to your clan members? What would you do when someone takes their emotion out on your very own clan mates? By stating this, I don't mean to put blames onto anyone else, especially if you do feel guilty about the above mentioned. But I am asking for your understanding, to think it through about the decisions that are made by the co-leader, and to see what you would have done in that very same role.

On the flip side, I would also like the urge the higher ups to do the same for us, imagine what it is like to be a lower down. Many times, we do NOT have full awareness of the whole situation. Many times, it is not that we do not care enough to speak up for ourselves, but rather, we are not informed well enough to even be commenting on many situations. So please, as clan members ask questions about a particular situation, we do NOT mean to direct them toward a particular individual, we simply want to get a clear picture on the overall situation. So please do not take these questions as a form of personal attack in any way, but to answer them within the best of your knowledge without any form of self-perception of the situation. Communicate to your fellow members to keep them informed, and in terms, we will not only show more respect toward the higher up, but support as well, for being treated as equals, and to let us members know that we are on the same playing field. And rather than playing the role of the on-looker and drama-audiences, we are able to get involved the very same way that the higher ups are being involved.

Then I would like to ask a favor from all of you guys, I do understand that when opinions and desires do not match, conflicts often occur. And when it does occur, please, attack the problem, not the person. I do understand that it is hard to open up heart to heart with another person that you might not know very well, nor would you be able to feel comfortable discussing what you want with someone you are in disagreement with. But if every single clan member would just follow this simple rule, with just a little communication, it will not only bond personal relationships, on top of that, it would also bring the clan together to be tighter as a whole. On the other hand, when situations have already occurred, please don't play the role of the on-looker, to judge and comment on the side, to say who is right or who is wrong. Many times, a conflict is caused by the smallest of misconception as well as the lack of communication. So when you do have a problem about someone at the heat of the moment, please clam down, and think it through, know why you do have a problem with a certain someone, and ask yourself the reason why it is caused. Then after calming down, follow the tip of attacking the problem, and not the person, to communicate with the VERY PERSON that you have originally started this conflict or argument with, to settle it down privately.

On top of what I have just said, "blaming" is not part of the solution, I strongly urge every single one of you to try not to ever do this to anyone, nor to yourself, for that matter. The act of blaming, as well as the feeling of being blamed, does NOT feel any good, and I am sure many of you that are reading this will understand that feeling. So please, it is not always about someone being right, or someone being wrong, but rather the situation they are put under lead them to make the decisions that they do make, so rather than blaming each other, or taking the blame, try to be understanding, and to put yourselves into each others shoes to get a full understanding of where each one of your fellow clan mates come from. Lastly, as hard as it is to ask, please take a step back to get an overall understanding of the situation when it seems obscure, especially at the heat of the moment, angry decisions are only instincts that are bursts of rage and anger that are never meant to be carried out. It often brings much regrets and misunderstandings in the after math of carrying out such actions. So please, if anyone were to high light this whole letter, it would be to take this knowledge and apply it on day to day bases when it comes to decision making.

Now on an end note, for last night's situation, I would just like to make a comment to each one of you who were involved. Jesse, as I have mentioned to you last time, you are one of the boulders that hold this clan together, it wouldn't be the same without you. I do fully respect your decision on leaving, but it does NOT solve any problems, and if we truly are as you mentioned to be kids, then please, I ask you to be the bigger man of this situation, it did start off on the wrong foot after all. Sarah, I understand it was just a joke, but letters over the net are silent and emotionless, and it might be deadly some times when people take it the wrong way, but take it in no way as a personal attack, just watch out the next time when it comes to joke making that's directed toward a specific individual. Brien, I understand that you were only showing your concern about the situation, and you do have the purest of heart and the best on intentions, but the same goes to you, know when a joke should be made, and when it is too much. Then to you, my very dear Sebastian, you have great concerns for this clan, I also do know that you have contributed greatly and put lots and lots of effort into this clan, but when it comes to human interaction, not every input equals one output, as much as every single one of us would like, not everyone understands or sees the effort, and please, know where to draw the line when it comes to joking.

It's all I needed to say, and all I wanted to say. I will leave the rest to you guys, rather it be a change of heart, a switch to a different mindset; the freedom to choose are held in your own hands.

Choose wisely.

Best, Eggo.
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Still can't touch this :D

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PostSubject: Re: Regarding Last Night's Event 5/13/2010   Fri May 14, 2010 6:39 pm

eggo mah boi you have some strong words I wish i could talk smart like you.
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Heim Crab

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PostSubject: Re: Regarding Last Night's Event 5/13/2010   Sat May 15, 2010 2:14 pm

I don't know what happened, but Eggy you're so passionate and caring, it's lovely Smile Took me like 10minutes to read all that. I'll change my ways too Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Regarding Last Night's Event 5/13/2010   

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Regarding Last Night's Event 5/13/2010
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