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 why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE

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Still can't touch this :D

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PostSubject: why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE   Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:19 pm

The Heavy Metal Culture is a long running culture. it is one of the only TRUE forms of rock and roll left....... Now before people go saying its only noise..... ALL MUSIC IS NOISE...... The problem is with metal these days is these stupid poser screamo emo bands who are hitting mainstream charts and all that bs.

This screamo EMO stuff is supossably the "NEW" wave of metal.
This emo genre consist of open chords and a highly overuse of something called breakdowns which are beats which consist of a play-stop-play pattern. also and extreme overuse on pick slides. The vocals are SCREAMING at the top of there longs which any talentless musician can do...... now i will show you an excerpt from an emocore sound


The devils wears prada----a sentance trails off

the 0s represent open chords which are often found in many great metal songs themselves but these bands over do it

here is cannibal corpse


not an overuse of open notes or chords keep in mind the section above is played at a fast speed which takes a bit of work to do compared to that stuff up there.

now the vocals Not all metal "screams" what real metal does is sing from the bottom of there lungs....not alot of people are able to do that therefor we call it deathgrowls.

now ill list some bands that scream and bands that death growl

2.escape the fate
3. bring me the horizon
4 job for a cowboy
5 bullet for my valentine
6 still remains
etc etc

Bands that death growl
1 death
2 cannibal corpse
3 children of bodom
4 behemoth
5 dimmu borgir
6 arch enemy

7 metal bands that dont death growl or scream

1 mettalica
2 iron maiden
3 megadeth
6 Korn
7 Anthrax
8 kreator
9 slayer
10 judas priest
11 black sabbath
12 ozzy
13 pantera sure u know what i mean by now

why its better composed than country?
country isnt bad but country is all basics of beginner chords- bar chords

why is it better than hip-hop techno and rap

okay let me some this all up quickly as i can

some hip hop and rap is good well was good back in the day.....
but it became really unoriginal after awhile it consist of pre-recorded beats and sounds all the rest the artist has to do is sing maybe he only musically good thing about it. But its all expression which is good but i think pre recored stuff is just half assing it

now why is metal better composed? These artist write such good songs that take technical skill most of the time which means playing there own instruments- writing songs working on technical/difficult guitar-bass solos that these musicians poor there heart and blood into....but they are looked down upon it because all these other bands mostly care about money and getting played on the radio and selling out. does that make this music bad? no i beilive it hogs the limelight a little too much.

people need to widen there horizons in my opinion

I did i like all genres of music but metal stays true to itself

as for screamo emo its all a glam fad happening all over again

Now ill leave you with something intresting to ponder and you will be amazed on how well this mixes

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Still can't touch this :D

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PostSubject: Re: why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE   Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:43 pm

Im not saying you all have to like metal im just stating something so all these bias comments in the cc will stop
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I love iron!

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PostSubject: Re: why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE   Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:18 am

Metal is just better. Period >.>
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Heim Crab

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PostSubject: Re: why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE   Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:46 pm

Technically screamo is better known for sweep picking and shredding which is much more complex than super speed down/alternate picking of 70s/80s metal. And tbh screamo takes technique, it isn't shouting at the top of your lungs, that's a primitive way of looking at it.

And your tabs aren't aligned so the chords are misshapen there.

And before you tell me how I know little.

I can play Iron Maiden songs like Rainmaker, The Nomad, The Trooper, Can I Play With Madness? Etc.

As well as this, I can play DragonForce songs, My Spirit Will Go On, Body Breakdown, etc.

On top of this I can play ALL Atreyu songs, Including When Two Are One. If you think any 80s metal is more complex than that with their tremolo, hammer-ons and pull-offs, you're mistaken as shredding is a lot harder. On top of that, Atreyu stick to roots, they play in KEYS. Use pentatonics and arpeggios.

Bullet for my Valentine use FRY screamo its not easy to master at all. Please listen to their newer music as they've established themself after The Poison album, check out The Last Fight from their album Fever, the solo. That's ENTIRELY arpeggios in classic formation! More than I can say for much Metal, well Megadeth of course are exceptional.

I'm not saying I dislike metal, I prefer it to most rock. But the misrepresentation you've given of some of my favourite bands is appalling. You even listed Bullet For My Valentine in the same category as Bring Me The Horizon, just for that it shows you know nothing. Personally, I find if you have a problem with Screamo or Thrash Metal, fair enough but don't misrepresent them and make a case against something different. Bullet are specifically softcore Metal, older stuff from EP and Poison is Thrash, but seriously, know your stuff prior to ranting about my favourite music without knowing it. Screamo is no way considered a new wave of metal. That would be Nou Metal which is rising again.

Again, apart from the BPM, Atreyu is more complex than Dimmu Borgir or Lamb of God.

Bands I like you listed.

Escape The Fate
Bullet For My Valentine
Cannibal Corpse
Children Of Bodom
Dimmu Borgir

Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath

Sorry if this seems aggressive, it's because i'm passionate about my music, as you'd understand.

I do agree with the fact that they write their own stuff and compose it themselves. More than I can say with the voice-altering top10 Pop Charts. And also I cannot deny that the metal solos from 70s and 80s are awesome and that Megadeth solos take me ages to learn that's true Metal.

And tbh only SOME small minority of metal bands stick to only Power Chords, Same with Screamo. Both use bridged parts, solos, breakdowns etc. But they BOTH still use Power Chords, Iron maiden do, Atreyu do, Five Finger Death Punch do.

By the way, Emo is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Screamo and Metal altogether. Emo is bands like "Secondhand Serenade" and "City and Colour" not Escape the Fate etc.
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Still can't touch this :D

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PostSubject: Re: why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE   Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:41 pm

impressive arguement tett i do like thrash

im sorry if what i posted offended you


idk ive been into this genre of music so long i see so many key differences and such and such but i will admit i did look at things primitively and such not to mention not all 80s metal im thinking of im going to all metal in general.

Now i dont consider bullet as thrash in my opinion power chords are good but i used to listen to alot of that music during 2003-2007 it just idk got to puckered out for me
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da weetawd
Still can't touch this :D

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PostSubject: Re: why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE   Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:22 am

I don't really like metal but i don't care how hard it is to play if it's entertaining to listen to.
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PostSubject: Re: why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE   

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why metal is really the best COMPOSED GENRE
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